[gme-users] Iterating through connections using a pattern based interpreter

Animesh Pathak animesh at halcyon.usc.edu
Fri May 18 15:05:36 CDT 2007

Hi all,

I am trying to convert a model we use to an XML file of a certain format 
for our work. Our models consist of two types of objects [say A and B], 
connected by connections of two types [ AtoB and BtoA ].

Using the pattern-based-interpretation techniques described in Lesson 7 
of the GME tutorial, I was able to create the XML corresponding to all 
the A and B type nodes. However, we have also assigned attributes to the 
AtoB and BtoA connections, and I am unable to find a way to access the 
attributes of them using statements like


which seem to work fine for


I am beginning to suspect that the EVAL_FORALL and other functions can 
only work on objects, and not connectors, and I will end up having to 
write a full interpretor in C++/Java.

I did a search on the archives of this list, but was not able to find 
the answer to my question. Any help in this matter will be greatly 


---"The way of progress is neither swift nor easy"- Marie Curie.
Animesh Pathak
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Department of EE-Systems
University of Southern California
animesh at halcyon.usc.edu

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