[gme-users] Missing attributes

Rico Steiner Rico.Steiner at hevs.ch
Wed Oct 3 04:41:11 CDT 2007

Hello list

In my metamodel (using metaGME) I have defined a <<Model>> that
contains an <<Atom>>. The contained <<Atom>> has to be visible on the
parent <<Model>> as a port. To do so I set attribute “Object is a
port?” of the containment connection between the two elements to

If I instantiate this metamodel everything works fine. Then I noticed
that both elements provide two additional attributes: “PortLabel shown
inside container?” and “PortLabel Length”. I would like to define
these two attributes in the metamodel. But unfortunately I can’t find
them, neither on the <<Model>> nor on the <<Atom>> nor on the
containment connection.

Is there a possibility to predefine the values of the mentioned
attributes in the metamodel?

Best regards


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