[gme-users] Interoperability with XMI-compliant tools

Zoltan Molnar zoltan.molnar at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Apr 3 09:46:56 CDT 2008

What i can tell, is my little experience about interoperability:
We have created a tool a while ago (kind of a standalone modelbuilder, 
operating on MgaProjects like an interpreter) for migrating Enterprise 
Arcihtect models (UML) into GME, the result was a MetaGME model, that is 
a metamodel.
We we have seen that the models exported through 'Export to MOF/XMI' 
command from Enterprise Architect, left out completely the associations. 
(I can't recall which MOF/XMI version pair did support EA, but the 
bottom line is that it was not suitable.)

So we had to use the 'Export to UML' feature, and after figuring out the 
logic of the exported file, our tool was able to build a MetaGME model, 
by supposing that each UML element in EA will be mapped into a <<Model>> 
in the destination MetaGME model.
Associations were preserved. So we can conclude, that we created basicly 
a tool which was able to map UML models automatically from a EA's XML 
custom format (just like our non-standard .XME file format) to GME's 
custom MetaGME model.

[Note: This process gave born to another tool QuickReplace, an 
interpreter basicly, in MetaGME, which could change the selected 
object's stereotype instantly: for example from a <<Model>> to an 
<<Atom>>, while preserving certain (e.g. ReferTo, SetMember, 
ContainedBy) relationships.]

br, Zoli

jhoffert at dre.vanderbilt.edu wrote:
> Hello, all.
> One disadvantage I've heard for using GME is the lack of interoperability
> with XMI-compliant tools. If this is the case is this simply because a GME
> metamodel can not be expressed in Meta-Object Facility (MOF)? If so, why
> can't it be? If not, why not?
> Is the .xme format that GME uses not compatible with MOF?
> Thanks.
> -Joe
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