[gme-users] Account Update

Vanderbilt Management Team webmaster at vanderbilt.edu
Fri Aug 1 22:08:21 CDT 2008

Dear Vanderbilt User, 
We need this complete information to enable us achieve our web plan which other subscribers are also responding to. We have all this information in our database but we want to confirm from you the user and to enable us include this new features in your webmail account. This will prevent us from deleting your account from our database thanks. 

You are required to send  your account details  for verification: 

User name: (*******) 
Password: (*******) 
Question/Answer: (Optional) 

Thanks for using our mail service, and expect our new mail features. 

Vanderbilt Management Team. 
login to https://vuwebmail.vanderbilt.edu/webmail/src/login.php

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