[gme-users] BON2 and subtypes of instances

Csaba Toth ctoth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Fri Aug 8 16:58:27 CDT 2008

Hi Adam!


Is this a feature which worked OK in previous versions and went wrong after
some releases?

Or is this a newly discovered bug?


I mean: this operation what you described was not tested before?





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We are encountering problems using BON2 with subtypes and instances.


Take models A and B.  Instantiate model A into model B, creating A(inst).
Then create a subtype of model B and call it B(sub).  Model B(sub) now
contains A(inst)(inst), which seems to be considered an instance of A(inst)
by GME.


Our interpreter finds A(inst)(inst) within B(sub).  We first call
getTypeInhObject() to acquire the TypeInhObject for A(inst)(inst).  Then we
call isInstance() on it, which returns true.  However, when we call
getType(), we get a null object.


This seems like a strange case, so I wanted to see if we're missing some
detail that prevents us from finding the type of A(inst)(inst).  The end
goal is to trace all of the way back to A from A(inst)(inst).


I would be glad to clarify the case if this description is especially
confusing. J


Adam Nagel

Staff Engineer

ISIS / Vanderbilt University


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