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Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
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hi venu,
For your example domain provided (computer networks), you can design a
metamodel in two ways vaguely: 
1.Cliens and Servers could be atoms, and their methods could be modeled
as attributes: method1, method2 and so on (this case you must know the
number of methods a client or server might expose). E.g. each server
might have at most 5 attributes, called method1...method5, and the
modeler would fill these attribute values with the method names:
'fileSend', 'fileReceive', 'fileCompare', 'fileDiff', and 'mkdir'.
2.Client and Server could be modeled as models, and their methods
modeled as internal parts (most likely atoms). Thus one could add
several instances of an atom called 'Method' inside a Server model
instance. In this case you must NOT know the maximum number of methods,
and you could create a model in this paradigm where a Server would have
e.g. 1001 public methods exposed to its clients.
br, hth, Zoli

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Unlike UML class diagram, GME components uses two fields (Object name, &
attributes). There is no field for methods.
I have to include methods to my design.
(Ex : in comuter networks, client connects with server then requests for
something to be send (file, comp result etc)) 
How can I do this........


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