[gme-users] Large number of entities in GME models

Simon Görke simon.goerke at ils.uni-stuttgart.de
Thu Jan 3 07:10:35 CST 2008

Hello everybody,

We are currently developing a GME-based configuration tool for distributed
embedded systems. 
The idea is 
- to have one (relatively simple) GME model at the top (system level) which
is built up manually, i.e. by an engineer
- to have some more layers of models below
- in each layer: to use and refine the information stored in the model and
automatically fill the model one level below.
  This step is realized by using rules which are formulated in Python
scripts and control GME via its COM interface. 
- The lowest model represents our software implementation which makes it
easy to export actual configuration data (e.g. c header files)

While the top level model is quite simple, the lowest modelling level will
consist of approx. 2000 (automatically generated) entities.
Does anybody have experience with such huge numbers of elements in a model? 
We did a simple script which creates 5000 atoms and connects them among each
other, however it is difficult to do quick test of the parsing of such a
model. Anybody tried something like this?


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