[gme-users] Aspect Mappings

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Jan 21 11:28:58 CST 2008


The description you mentioned lacks mentioning that only those
model-role combinations show up as rows in the Aspect Mapping dialog,
where there are alternatives. 
For example if an element is shown in only one aspect, then that aspect
is necessarily a primary one (otherwise how could a modeler add/remove
that element from its parent, [disregarding now the Tree Browser's
ability to edit models, without 'opening' them].

The kindaspect column specifies the following:
Suppose Model X has two kinds of children: Model Y, Atom Z.
Model X might have one or more aspects: let's assume: aspX1, aspX2.
Model Y might have too, one or more aspects: aspY1, aspY2.

Now, the question might be: in aspX1 aspect of an X which 'dress' should
a child Y should 'wear': its aspY1 or aspY2 dress?
That is kindaspect for.
For child Z, no such questions are asked, because it's an atom.

When no alternatives can be found, the Metainterpreter displays "Note:
Aspect mapping avoided. No user choice needed to be made.".

Br, Zoli

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> I can't seem to reconcile the description of Aspect Mapping 
> on page 65 of the User's Guide with what I see from the 
> 7.6.29 version of GME that I have installed.  For example, 
> the description of how to specify "secondary aspects" appears 
> to be out of date.  
> Is there a description of best practices or an example model 
> that demonstrates effective use of multiple aspects that I 
> could imitate?  
> Thanks,
>  Chris
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