[gme-users] MGAMeta: UsingDefinedFCOs

Simon Görke simon.goerke at ils.uni-stuttgart.de
Sun Mar 2 05:46:34 CST 2008

Hello everybody,

I have a problem accessing the FCOs of my Meta model from an interpreter
written in Python / COM.

While a simple

print project.RootMeta.RootFolder.DefinedFCOByName("MetaEntityName", 1).Name

works without problems, using

rFCOs = project.RootMeta.RootFolder.DefinedFCOs
print rFCOs.Count
for rFCO in rFCOs:
    print rFCO.Name

is not successful. The number of meta entities returned by the rFCOs.Count
seems correct, however I am not able to actually access the FCOs returned
(Python gives me "AttributeError: <unknown>.Name").
Within the interpreter, I have to access ALL Meta Entities without knowing
their names, so using the "DefinedFCOs" method seemed to be a good idea to

BTW: Using MGA Collections in general does not seem to be part of the
problem, as the follwing code snippet is working:

FCOs = project.RootFolder.ChildFCOs
for FCO in FCOs:
    print FCO.Name

I really do not know how to go on on and wheather this issue results from
lack of understanding on my side or even a problem in the GME / Python COM
Any advice is highly appreciated!


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