[gme-users] Accessing "Preferences" from an Interpreter

Larry Howard larry.howard at vanderbilt.edu
Sun Mar 2 09:42:19 CST 2008


Yes, such preferences are accessed through an object's registry.  You  
will need to consult the documentation concerning the registry (in  
"MGA Library") to learn about subtle concepts like the "opacity" of  
registry nodes and how the registries are organized.  I also recommend  
using the Registry Editor (Edit->Registry) in GME to observe how the  
registry entries are made when you set preferences using the Attribute  
Browser.  But the actual programming in Python is typically  

         regNode = someObj.RegistryNode("color")
         regNode.Value = "0x0000ff"

Larry Howard, Sr. Research Scientist
Institute for Software Integrated Systems, Vanderbilt University

On Mar 2, 2008, at 5:47 AM, Simon Görke wrote:

> And another one ;-)
> (I put it into a separate mail as it is a different topic)
> With the default decorator, the GME GUI allows to change for each  
> FCO some
> properties like
> - Color
> - NameColor
> - BorderColor
> - Portcolor
> using the "Preferences" Tab.
> Is it possible to change these properties also from an interpreter  
> (we are
> using python / win32com) i.e. without creating our own decorator?
> Best regards,
> Simon
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