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An attempt to answer this question.
GME enforces all the time the rules set down by the metamodel during the
modelbuilding procedure.

The static syntax/structure of the models is defined by the UML-like
diagram (called Class Diagram) in the metamodel.
The dynamic syntax of the models could be defined by the OCL expressions
(constraints), which can be defined as event-based, or just
If you would like to enforce the constraints, then you need to tie them
to the respective events (OnChild, OnAttributeChanged etc.), and you
need to set the Contraint priority to 1, which means that a constraint
must be obeyed.
Constraints with priority > 1 can be ignored at any time by


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Hi All 
       I want to know how the meta model is compared with the model
created. I want the code flow of GME regarding this issue. Please send
me the answer it is urgent.
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