[gme-users] Setting Viewable? field for Attributes from an Add-on

Gramatges, David (US SSA) david.gramatges at baesystems.com
Wed Sep 17 08:06:40 CDT 2008



I'm working on a BON2 GME add-on and I have a boolean attribute that
depending on whether it is true or false determines whether other
attributes are valid or not.  The desired behavior would be for the
add-on to toggle Viewable? on or off for those other attributes
depending on the setting of this first attribute.  The problem is that
there doesn't seem to be any function like
BON::AttributeImpl::setIsViewable(bool).  Is there something at a lower
level like at the MON or COM level or should I be approaching this in a
different way?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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