[gme-users] GME Add-On and object IDs

Csaba Toth ctoth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Apr 20 10:47:01 CDT 2009

Dear Jerry,


Object IDs are basically read only attributes. You can change the
relative ID of an object, if this is allowed by the actual project.

See Interfaces/Mga.idl:


// Used with MgaProject::Preferences()


typedef enum preference_flags {

MGAPREF_NODUPLICATENAMES  = 0x00000001,         // make sure, names are
never duplicated

MGAPREF_NAMENEWOBJECTS    = 0x00000002,         // assign kind/rolename
to new objects

MGAPREF_IGNORECONNCHECKS =  0x00000004,         // do not complain on
partially connected simple connections

MGAPREF_FREEINSTANCEREFS =  0x00000008,         // do not bind refs in
subtypes/instances to successors of ref target in basetype 

MGAPREF_RELAXED_RDATTRTYPES =  0x00000010,      // attributes may be
read as types other than the real type

MGAPREF_RELAXED_WRATTRTYPES =  0x00000020,      // attributes may be
written as types other than the real type

MGAPREF_MANUAL_RELIDS         = 0x00000040,     // relid-s are assigned

} preference_flags;




interface IMgaObject : IDispatch    {


      [propget, helpstring("property RelID")]         HRESULT
RelID([out, retval] long *pVal);

      [propput, helpstring("property RelID")]         HRESULT RelID([in]
long newVal);




and also these properties:

      [id(0x560), propget, helpstring("property ChildRelIDCounter")] 

            HRESULT ChildRelIDCounter([out, retval] long *pVal);

      [id(0x560), propput, helpstring("property ChildRelIDCounter")] 

            HRESULT ChildRelIDCounter([in] long pVal);


On the IMgaFolder and IMgaModel interface. Child relid is generated in a
deterministic way.

Although you cannot change the Object ID part, but it is also generated
in a deterministic way, depending on the underlying storage
infrastructure, see these functions in the source code:



CCoreBinFile::CreateObject(objid_type *objid)



objid_type CCoreRepository::ObjID_GetNext(metaid_type metaid)

(used in case of multi-user mode?)



CCoreODBC::CreateObject(objid_type *objid)

(not used)


These functions return the generated ids.


Hope this helps,



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I am trying to create an add-on for real-time distributed modeling. At
this time it looks like I need to keep the various instances of GME
working on a consistent model, meaning, if someone creates an object, it
should show up exactly as created on the other side. I am having trouble
finding ways to create objects with a specific ID.

Can someone help me here?


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