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Csaba Toth ctoth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Apr 23 09:42:07 CDT 2009

Dear Cam Shaffer,

It is advisable to use the same version of Visual Studio what was used
to develop a particular version.
The last 2-3 GME versions (8.x, 7.x, 6.x) were developed with Visual
Studio 2003.
(Translated to your notation:
VS7.1 = Visual Studio 2003
VS8 = Visual Studio 2005
VS9 = Visual Studio 2008)

Visual Studio version changes usually mean also
upgrades/changes/modifications to the Microsoft C/C++ compiler and
linker, so usually some source code modifications are needed to migrate
to a newer VS version in case of such a big source code as GME. We did
the migration with the upcoming version. It's not advisable to do it by
yourself, and also it shouldn't be needed. VS7.1 should work in theory.
It is easy to determine if you are using the proper VS version. One way
is to look at the first line of the GME.sln solution file, and subtract
1 from the Format Version:
10.00 means VS 2008
8.00 means VS 2003
The other method is if you just simply try to open the solution file
with the intended version. If the version is too old you wouldn't be
able to open it. If the version is fresher, VS will offer migration, but
this means that you want to use an older VS version (VS will tell you

We are trying to keep external dependencies of the source code as low as
As a general thumb of rule it is advisable to install all service packs
and updates. This not only means fresh operating system, but both Visual
Studio 2003 and 2008 has their Service Packs! There SP1 available for
both of them, beware, because these are fairly big (hundreds of
megabytes of) patches and require some time to install.

You might need to install ActiveState ActivePython:

You should be able to compile the 7.6.29 with VS7.1.
We can give you further assistance if we can gather more information on
your problem.
What do you mean by "some modification to the distribution"?
What were the actual compile and/or link errors?

Note on the upcoming release:
Things will change with the upcoming version.
* It will require Visual Studio 2008
* It will require installation of the MFC Feature Pack (for compilation)
* Certain parts might require stuff. For example if an interpreter uses
.NET, it will require the .NET package only run-time, not during
compilation time (as I mentioned we try to keep compile-time
dependencies low).

I'm waiting for your questions/answers.

Csaba Toth

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Subject: 	GME
Date: 	Wed, 22 Apr 2009 09:02:55 -0700
From: 	Cam Shaffer <cshaffer at ontimesoftware.com>
To: 	<akos.ledeczi at vanderbilt.edu>

I love GME and am an avid user. I would like to build it from source but

I haven't as yet been able to do so. I suspect there are configuration 
issues that I am unable to resolve on my own. I am an experienced 
developer but do not have a great deal of background on Windows

I have tried building on both Windows Vista & XP using VS7.1, VS8, VS9 
on releases 7.6.29 and 6.11.9. I have been able to somewhat successfully

build 6.11.9 using VS7.1 on both systems but not without some 
modification to the distribution. All of my modeling has been done using

7.6.29 so I really would like to make that release work.

Any information, direction, or insight that you can provide would be 
greatly appreciated.


Cam Shaffer

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