[gme-users] runnning exe from GME dll

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Hi Vijdan,


As far as I can understand this is a general programming issue.

We say that a call is synchronous (or blocking) if it won't return to
the caller until the task is finished. An asynchronous (or non blocking)
call returns immediately to the caller point. In that case it depends
how you'll be notified about the completion of the started task.
Sometimes you can specify some callback or delegate function, or you
have to set up some kind of IPC (inter process communication) or
periodically check some resource.


system is a standard C call and it is blocking (while _exec/_execve is


You need to start a new process or a thread and start your desired
program from there. Instead of using _exec I suggest to use



This is it, if you just want to simply start a program like NotePad. If
you want to communicate with this process also, that cannot be covered
in this e-mail.


Hope that helps,




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I have a problem about running exe from a model
interpreter in GME.

I run for example
from the model interpreter code.

But when I run this exe, my code waits for the cmd to be closed 
for going on.

I want my interpreter  to goes on? Is there a way?

best regards

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