[gme-users] interface version mismatch

Csaba Toth ctoth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Sat Feb 21 10:03:12 CST 2009

Hi Friedhelm,

I don't know what us CoSMIC, but it sounds that it needs a recompile with the presence of the 7.6.29 headers or source.

Hope this helps,

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Hi there,

I'm using GME 7.6.29 and a recent version of CoSMIC.
When I'm running the deployment plan interpreter of CoSMIC I get the 
error, shown in th screenshot.

(The interface version number of this component (1.149) differs from the 
GME version (2.150). This will probably result in serious malfunctions.
Do you want to proceed anyway?)

Since reinstalling GME and CosMIC didn't solve the problem, I have no 
idea what to do now. Do you have any hints?


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