[gme-users] Defining sequences of meta-types + comments/notes on the meta-model

Larry Howard larry.howard at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Jul 30 02:47:32 CDT 2009


Or a non-graphical sequence...


...based on canvas position within a container (rows, columns, or  

We use this approach to support ordered collections in a paradigm  
where the ordering is automatically maintained via an add-on component.

As for notes/comments in meta-models (and all models) we use  
annotations.  (Use "Insert Annotation" from the context menu on the  
canvas.)   Structuring via sheet folders and paradigm sheets also  
helps manage complexity.

Larry Howard, Sr. Research Scientist
Institute for Software Integrated Systems, Vanderbilt University

On Jul 29, 2009, at 11:38 AM, Ioannis Ntalamagkas wrote:

> Hello all,
> I apologise if my questions sound naive or if they have been already
> answered (I browsed the archives of the past two years and I didn't  
> find
> anything similar).
> I want to define a type X that contains a *sequence* of instances of
> type Y. The only way that comes to my mind is that Y contains an  
> integer
> attribute termed "order". Y then needs an OCL constraint that will  
> check
> that all Ys are in sequence. Is there any better (simpler) way to
> achieve the same effect?
> Also, is there a way to add comments/notes on the meta-model  
> directly? I
> am asking because in complex meta-models some things may not be
> straightforward to understand by latter users of it (under the
> assumption that the original developer/expert is no longer available).
> Thanks a lot,
> Yannis
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