[gme-users] Defining sequences of meta-types + comments/notes on the meta-model

Ioannis Ntalamagkas i.ntalamagkas at cs.manchester.ac.uk
Thu Jul 30 11:16:28 CDT 2009

Thank you guys for your prompt responses.

I shouldn't be surprised that there are many ways for defining a 
sequence using meta-GME. I also thought on embedding the ordering in an 
add-on/interpreter, but I wanted it to be explicitly shown in the 
meta-model. I thought of following Chris' visual suggestion because it 
seems simpler/more intuitive for model developers to define (that is 
instead of having the "order" attribute). Then again the OCL constraints 
for enforcing a single head and tail, but many "bodies", might get 
tricky (complex).  Joe's OCL simplification for the explicit ordering 
attribute also looks "attractive".

I suppose that I need to weight my choices..

Thanks for the annotations hint Larry - that will do for the moment!

Once again, thanks for your prompt responses!


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