[gme-users] GME 7: Modeling and simulating a simple linear function with constraints

FORTES DA CRUZ, Marcelin Marcelin.FortesDaCruz at Airbus.com
Wed Mar 11 11:29:53 CDT 2009

Hello Akos,

I am trying to build a simple meta-model which instances I can assess for correct interface: e.g. linfun(a,b, c,d){o=a * b +c+d; return o;}
where for a within [amin, amax] et b we shall have o within[omin, omax].

I have built a metamodel and created a model instance now here are my questions;

1 How should I implement the ADD and MUL operator so as to make the calculations and check them? [from generic primitives or basic primitives from language such as C, Java ...]

2. I can write OCL constraints and build an interpreter to assess that a, and o are within their interval of definition, is there another way you work on this using GReAT grammar transformations?

Your advise will be very much appreciated as I am a bit puzzle on which direction to go that could be the simplest.

Thanks for your time,

Best Regards.


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