[gme-users] Creating more GMEOLEApps

Csaba Toth ctoth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Nov 2 17:41:13 CST 2009

Dear GME users and developers!

There's some need to change an important behavior related to creation of
GMEOLEApp. As you know you can create the GME OLE object by creating a
GMEOLEApp. The interesting thing is what should happen when you already
have a GME running and you issue the creation of a GMEOLEApp. In this
case the program returned the already running GME's OLE object instance.

We've got some request that it would be better if another GME started up
in response to a second (or more) GMEOLEApp creation request. But this
would break such codes which rely on the old functionality and assume
that they will get the already existing running instance.

Please notify us by replying to this email if such a change would break
you current code. Our goal with this letter is to see if there's anybody
out there who rely on this. If there won't be complaints for some time
we would change the default behavior to the way I described.

Csaba Toth
GME developer

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