[gme-users] GME 9.8.28 released

Peter Volgyesi peter.volgyesi at vanderbilt.edu
Tue Sep 1 12:53:59 CDT 2009


This is the first public release of GME9. Since the last release
(7.6.29) many new features have been added, most notably:

- new look and feel
- new decorator framework and support library for building custom decorators
- GME is compiled with Visual Studio 2008. STLport is not needed anymore
- Visual Studio 2005 & 2008 (with new VS-integrated code wizards) are
supported for interpreter development.
- speed enhancements in the multiuser backend system
- manual routing is supported
- new search capability integrated in the console window
- updated documentation (user manual, help and tutorials)

You can download the new release from here:

Peter Volgyesi
Research Scientist
Vanderbilt University, ISIS

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