[gme-users] Create/Open/Manage Sub-window in GME

Csaba Toth ctoth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Sep 17 10:28:01 CDT 2009

Hi Ioannis,

I haven't ever done such things, but as far as I can see:
For opening a model see ShowFCO function on IGMEOLEApp interface. For
example code see Kevin Smyth's letter.
	[id(33)] HRESULT ShowFCO([in] IMgaFCO* mgaFCO, [in,
defaultvalue(0)] VARIANT_BOOL inParent);
You can close models with the Close function of IGMEOLEIt interface.
	[id(11)] HRESULT Close();
For iteration see this on IGMEOLEApp:
	[propget, id(40)] HRESULT OleIt([out, retval] IGMEOLEIt **
For navigation between open models you can use ShowFCO or Next/Prev
functions of IGMEOLEIt:
	[helpstring("makes the next (if any) view (opened model) the
active view ")]
	HRESULT Next();
	HRESULT Prev();

Hope this helps,

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Hi everyone

I am developing an interpreter for a model that has containment 
relationship. I would like to ask whether I can programmatically control

GME within my interpreter to open/close/set focus a new sub-window or 
tab (in GME9) to display part of the model I am interested in.

Thank you in advance.

Ioannis Ntalamagkas
2.71 Kilburn Building
The University of Manchester
M13 9PL

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