[gme-users] UML2XML Attribute Object Exception

Jared Crace Jared.Crace at pb.com
Sat Sep 26 22:56:15 CDT 2009

Hi All,

In my meta-model there is an atom which has a license file attribute called "LICFILE".  LICFILE is a FieldAttribute of data type string.  For a default value I put a path like \\server\ref\lic.file<file:///\\server\ref\lic.file>.  There is no problem with interpreting the meta-model and converting it to uml.  The problem occurs when I try to convert the uml to xml.  The exception that is thrown is

Attribute Object Exception: Unknown Parse error occurred while parsing:LICFILE:String=\\server\ref\lic.file<file:///\\server\ref\lic.file>

Does anyone know how I could get around this problem?  Or does the parser just not allow backslashes in a string?


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