[gme-users] GME and Windows 7

Jonathan Sprinkle sprinkle at ECE.Arizona.Edu
Fri Aug 6 13:03:53 CDT 2010

Hi all,

I'm teaching a course this fall that is a reincarnation of the good-ole MIC class at VU/ISIS. I'm expecting many users will have new laptops with windows 7 on it.

Are there any known problems w/ using GME, GReAT, UDM, etc. on Windows 7? I recall registration problems w/ Vista that caused issues for awhile, hoping to head some of these things off at the pass... ;) I didn't see anything in the readme for the newest GME.

Thanks for any advice!

Jonathan Sprinkle, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of Arizona

sprinkjm at ECE.Arizona.Edu
(520) 626-0737 (work)

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