[gme-users] Changing model element name color

Cuong Minh Tran vaioinman at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 1 16:00:42 CST 2010

Hi everyone

I have another question. I want to change the color of the name of model elements to highlight a traversal path. I used to the code:

object->getRegistry()->setNameColor (RED);    // RED is a COLORREF  

I did zoom out over the model so that I could clearly see all element names and observe the traverse. The problem is that GME only performs the color changing for first few elements, e.g. 4 or 5. The rest of my model got color-changed after the traverse completes, observably all at once.

Did anyone attempt something similar? Do you have a solution? Perhaps, GME needs to be set to a right mode but I don't know what it is.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards


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