[gme-users] How to invoke a Java BonComponent

Kevin Smyth ksmyth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Tue Feb 16 17:12:02 CST 2010

Hi Gurkan,

gme.jar contains these relevant classes:

I'd construct a main() similar to TestMgaLayer1#createProjectTest with a new
JBuilder(project, interpreter) then interpreter#InvokeEx.

Note gme.jar includes the source.

If you must debug the java inside gme.exe, I'd download the GME source and
modify JavaCompRunner to enable remote debugging (ie another JavaVMOption)


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Hello All,

   My previous mails have gone unanswered, so I will try to be as
prompt as possible. Here is my question: Can anybody post a code
snippet of how to invoke a Java BonCompnent? This component is
supposed to open an existing .mga model file and starting from its
RootFolder, it will traverse the whole model structure and do some

   Many thanks in advance.

Gurkan Ozhan
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