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Larry Howard larry.howard at vanderbilt.edu
Tue Jun 1 05:22:51 CDT 2010

Aspects are defined on meta-objects.  The Types and Instances facility addresses objects.  So the answer to your first question is no.

Types and Instances seems an appropriate approach to what you describe, but you must leave Aspects aside.

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On Jun 1, 2010, at 3:57 AM, KOUWER Jeroen wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to have one team developing a variaty of objects (e.g. cars, computers, etc.). And I would like to create the ability for another group to use these objects (in e.g. car-park lists, network design, etc.). My first idea is to use instances of objects: have one group model the objects and allow another group to create instances of these objects. The manual explains how to create instences from an already created object, but is it possible to restrict the contents of an aspect to instences of a certain object?
> So my approach is to use instances, but should / can it be done with a different approach using GME?
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