[gme-users] Recognizing transactions within an add-on

Adam Nagel nagelar at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Jun 7 13:05:03 CDT 2010

I'm working on an add-on that is designed to prevent the accidental
deletion of connections as a result of other actions by the user.  It
does this by catching events in RawComponent::ObjectEvent( ... ).  If
the user takes an action that would result in the deletion of one or
more connections, the component should prompt the user once, and if the
user chooses to proceed, then the component should remember that
decision and not re-prompt for the rest of the deletions in the
transaction.  If the user wants to abort, the component will abort the


Is there some unique information about the current transaction that I
can store in the RawComponent class so that it can "remember" the user's
choice for every remaining event in the transaction?  Is there a simpler
way to get this behavior?


Adam Nagel

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Vanderbilt University

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