[gme-users] Upgrading components from previous versions of GME

Jonathan Sprinkle sprinkle at ECE.Arizona.Edu
Wed Jun 23 17:48:39 CDT 2010

(Apologies if this is the second msg that shows up).

Hi all,

I'm (finally?) upgrading to GME 10, and let me first off say: well done GME team on maintaining binary compatibility w/ MGA files!!!!

For my interpreters (all from GME7), it doesn't seem that easy, though. I'm wondering if there is a better way to do it, than regenerating the interpreter in GME10's interface, and then copying my old cpp/h files to that new directory and then modifying Bon2component.cpp

I tried to do it piecemeal by recompiling the existing source, but:
1) the location of includes is different now, in $(GME)\SDK
2) the names of some generated files are different, e.g.,
  BON.h includes ComponentLib_h.h instead of ComponentLib.h, but
  even though I use the new ComponentLib.idl, the name of the generated
  file is not updated.

If anyone has experience or advice (or can point me to a document that explains it) I am much obliged. I have a few dozen interpreters from my MIC course, and would like to make the situation fairly painless, if possible. Especially since there are many interpreters that are contained in a single project. :)

For tech info, I tried recompiling only in VC2005. In VC2008, I get the (previously known) error found here:


But I have not tried to fix those problems, as even VC2005 didn't work. If there isn't a body of knowledge on how to do this, I'll just bite the bullet and regen all the interpreters.


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