[gme-users] gme-users Digest, Vol 79, Issue 3

Jonathan Sprinkle sprinkle at ece.arizona.edu
Fri Oct 1 15:28:41 CDT 2010

Thanks, Kevin. In fact, I already have this service pack installed, but I think I located the source of the problem: the incremental linker fails (I think) because I created a project name of "MyProjectName-version". Creating just using the name of "MyProjectName" has no trouble.

So, this may be the problem. If I can confirm that this duplicates the linker error, then I will submit a bug report.


> Hi Jonathan,
> I've seen this problem before. I think VS2008 Service Pack 1 fixes it, or
> you can turn off incremental linking (Project
> Properties>Linker>General>Enable Incremental Linking>Disabled).
> Kevin

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