[gme-users] New GME release r11.3.23

Kevin Smyth ksmyth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Tue Apr 5 11:36:58 CDT 2011

I'm pleased to announce the release of GME r11.3.23. This release is binary
compatible with previous releases (down to r10.2.9), but requires changes to
compile existing interpreters, addons, and decorators (please see the
release notes).


You can obtain GME at:

< http://repo.isis.vanderbilt.edu/downloads?tool=GME>


Please file bugs and other issues at:

< http://escher.isis.vanderbilt.edu/JIRA/browse/GME>



Release Notes of Release r11.3.23
  - Binary compatibility with r10.8.18
  - Changes in the SDK requires changes to existing interpreters:
    - Change ComponentLib.idl properties to output Header File:
    - For Visual Studio 2010 projects: Add
$(GME_ROOT)\SDK\BON\Common\GMEInterpreter.props to both Release and Debug
    - For Visual Studio 2008 projects:
      - Add $(GME_ROOT)\Interfaces and $(GME_ROOT)\GME\Interfaces to
C/C++>General>Additional Include Directories
      - Add $(GME_ROOT)\bin and $(GME_ROOT)\GME\Release to
MIDL>General>Additional Include Directories
  - Changes in the COM type libraries may require changes to compile
existing raw interpreters and decorators:
    - Type libraries have been renamed:
      - METALib to MGAMetaLib
      - CORELib to MGACoreLib
      - UTILLib to MGAUtilLib
    - IMgaVersionInfo was renamed to IGMEVersionInfo, and moved to
    - IMgaDecoratorCommon::DrawEx parameters were changed to ULONG and
  - Fixed bug with disabling components in User mode when they are enabled
in System mode (GME-320)
  - Fixed bug in Set Mode where unselected Atoms and Models didn't have a
name label (GME-305)
  - Installer includes registry entries for more IMga COM interfaces, which
fixes "No such interface" errors under Java and other non-STA code (GME-257)
  - Other bugfixes. See http://escher.isis.vanderbilt.edu/JIRA/browse/GME


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