[gme-users] Interpreter interoperability

Kevin Smyth ksmyth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Aug 31 09:26:34 CDT 2011

.NET Primary Interop Assemblies were included with GME 11.7.28. PIAs
allow you to create a Class Library that is shared by two or more

Without the PIAs, each interpreter would generate its own interop
assemblies, which would be incompatible with each other.

The interfaces for the PIAs are essentially the same, but with different
namespaces. Simply reference .NET assembly GME, GME.Mga, etc.


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Hi all

It was mentioned that Interpreter interoperability has been possible
since GME 11.7.28.

Could anyone please elaborate on how to achieve this? Sample codes would
be very much appreciated.

Best regards

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