[gme-users] Mirroring Transactions

Jae Young Bang jaeyounb at usc.edu
Mon Dec 5 18:18:28 CST 2011


I am building a system that has multiple instances of GME (I'm using
9.12.15) on different machines and mirrors the actions made by the users on
each others' machines.

For example, if there were two users A and B, B would see what A does on
A's machine such as creating new objects, updating attributes and
registries, and removing objects. A and B would eventually have the same
model in their local GME instance.

I first tried to listen to ObjectEvents, transfer them over, and replay the
events by developing a plugin that captures ObjectEvents and modifies the
MGA model according to the captured ObjectEvents. It works, but it ruins
the undo/redo architecture because it does not consider the transaction

I figured what I'd ultimately like to do is to grab a transaction when it's
completed, transfer it over, and execute the transaction on the other side
by putting it in the transactions list.

What I wonder is how to implement it. It seems like a plugin cannot
manipulate transactions as nested transactions are not allowed. When
objectEventPerformed is invoked, the plugin is in the middle of a
transaction, and the transaction ends after the objectEventPerformed

Would it be possible to do this with a plugin, or would it not be possible
to do this with a plugin?

Thank you very much for your help!

Jae young Bang
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