[gme-users] another question

Betsey Benagh betsey.benagh at bostonfusion.com
Thu Dec 8 14:17:24 CST 2011

I'm trying to run DESERT, and am getting a cryptic error indicating that
it's incompatible with the version of the GME I have.  I realize this may
not be the right place to ask, but can someone tell me what version of the
GME I need to run to be compatible with the version of DESERT available on
the repository, or where I can get a version of DESERT more recent than

The error is:

C:\Users\bbenagh\SLATE>DSME2DESERT.exe mynetwork.mga mynetwork_DS.xml
mynetwork.mga --> mynetwork_DS.xml
Exception: Incompatible GME version GME:200E6 UDM:2000F


Betsey Benagh

Boston Fusion Corp.
1 Van de Graaff Drive, Ste 107
Burlington, MA 01803-5176
betsey.benagh at bostonfusion.com
781-367-6720 (mobile)
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