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Wed Mar 2 23:32:48 CST 2011

Hi, I'm a GME beginner to make some DSME.


I'm just trying to designing a metamodel which has its own purposes,
however, I got some problems when I assigned some model-constraints into my

Let's think about a metamodel which includes " A<<Model>> " , " B <<Model>>
" , " AtoB <<Connection>> ". (simply for helping the understanding)

Every Model can be associated by " AtoB <<Connection>> ". ( like A<<Model>>
can associated with B<<Model>>, B<<Model>> also can be associated with
A<<Model>> )

Moreover, only A<<Model>> has enumerate attribute called " state:enum ".
state<<EnumAttribute>> has " One ", " Two " values.


I want to describe a model-constraint as further below.


" If AtoB <<Connection>> connected Some Model ( it can be A<<Model>> or
B<<Model>>) and If the connected Model has state<<EnumAttribute>> values
which has "One" value

then informing error message to the designer. "



Actually I was used a OCL expression to make similar model constraint like 

" If AtoB <<Connection>> connected Model which is A<<Model>> then informing
error message to the designer "

The OCL constraint is
"self.connectionPoints("dst")->theOnly().target().name()<>"A"" like this.

However, the mentioned one is not easy to describe.


How can I make a constraint rule in OCL which I mentioned ?

Any advice can be helpful to my research. 


Thank you.






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