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Himanshu Neema himanshu at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Sep 19 17:33:43 CDT 2011



I just found out that UDM is NOT supported for 64-bit platforms. I think
the best would be for you to get a 32-bit machine. That will be useful
for the C2WT software also that you are trying to run.


Hope this helps.







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When I try to install UDM (UDM_r3_2_8.exe or UDM_r3_2_7.exe), I get the
following exception?



I have both Visual Studio 9 & 10 installed. I have admin privileges on
this machine. Also played around with "running as administrator" checked
for the installer to no avail.


I am attempting to install UDM on a 64-bit Windows 7 OS.


Any ideas?





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