[gme-users] PRE_DESTROYED in GME 10.8.18

Jae young Bang jaeyounb at usc.edu
Mon Apr 30 17:02:01 CDT 2012


I was trying to migrate from GME 9.12.15 to GME 10.8.18 to take advantage of the new PRE_DESTROYED object event.

The README file of GME 10.8.18 says that PRE_DESTROYED was introduced in GME 10.6.1, and I see some lines of code in the GME 10.8.18 source code that look like creating the PRE_DESTROYED object event.

I actually tried the latest GME 12 first, and it did work partly -- it called objectEventPerformed() in the BON2 component successfully with PRE_DESTROYED. However, my old BON2 code that I originally developed for GME 9.12.15 somehow did not work (it somehow no longer allowed me to call the component itself and invoke invokeEx() through Component->GetInterface()), so I removed GME 12 and am trying with GME 10. It seems like GME 10.8.18 runs my old BON2 code with no problem, but somehow I don't get the PRE_DESTROYED events.

I am trying to create a completely new BON2 AddOn through the SDK. The problem is that I don't see PRE_DESTROYED in the Add-on events list of the GME COM Component Wizard. Does GME 10.8.18 support PRE_DESTROYED? Because I see something regarding the COM interface has been rolled back in the README of GME 10.6.4, I am not so sure if the PRE_DESTROYED support is alive in 10.8.18.

Is there any way that I can use PRE_DESTROYED in GME 10.8.18?

Thank you everyone in advance, especially Kevin. I have been asking too many stupid questions over the last several years. This project I'm working on, at least the part that I am supposed to do stuff with GME, is nearing the end. I truly appreciate all of your helps and answers!

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