[gme-users] Licensing question

Stanley Marsh robot.of.da.future at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 08:09:02 CST 2012

If I create a BON2 component using the 'BON Component Wizard' thats
included with GME, does that project fall under the Vanderbilt license?

The reason I ask is that on one hand, the initial component created using
the wizard includes files (such as BON2Component.cpp) which contain the
following copyright notice:
Copyright (c) Vanderbilt University, 2000-2004

Vanderbilt University disclaims all warranties with regard to this

On the other hand, the component is a derived work that I'm creating, and
the Vanderbilt End User Agreement (
http://repo.isis.vanderbilt.edu/tools/tool/GME/License ) includes the
following restriction (Restriction #3):

"The rights associated with this Agreement apply only to the downloaded
Software, not to any derivate work(s) which may be made to the Software."
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