[gme-users] Constraints modeling with GME11

Léonard PETNGA lpetnga at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 15:30:30 CST 2012

Hi All,
I'm new in GME and on this forum and I need your help. I'm using GME11 for
metamodeling and having trouble implementing constraints on metamodel
elements. I've relied on both the online tutorial (
http://w3.isis.vanderbilt.edu/Projects/gme/Tutorials/Tutorial3.html) and
the User manual (which is based on GME5 but refers to OCL 2.0 ) but nothing
works. Using the constraint manager to specify a simple constraint like the
following (valid according to OCL2.0)   *context Connector inv:
self.NbEquation = 0  *returns the following error:  *At Token ["context"]
Expression cannot be parsed.* What does this mean? Can someone refer me to
the appropriate and complete OCL/MCL specification documents that is/are
used for constraints modeling with GME11?
Thank you very much.
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