[gme-users] PICML PredefinedTypes Folder Insertion Behaviour

Kevin Smyth ksmyth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Jul 9 14:29:01 CDT 2012

GME paradigms do not have a way to specify such automatic insertion.

Likely this behavior is provided by an AddOn.


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In the PICML model there is a 'PredefinedTypes' folder that allows for
the insertion of a folder with its atom elements to be automatically
added in the browser. When trying to create the same kind of folder in a
new model I am unable to get the folder's children elements to be
automatically added and can only added via the right click and insert
process. Comparing the models I can see no difference and can not find
any reference to enabling an option to allow for the automatic

The manual and tut/lessons talk about folders but do not go into the
type of behaviour above, so can any one point me to other info or point
me to where I can enable this behaviour in the environment?


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