[gme-users] recovering the AssociationRole

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Udm models GME connections as a Uml::Association that contains two
AssociationRoles (one for each end of the connection). AssociationRoles
do not connect all three objects, so I'm not sure what you're asking


If you have a connection object conn, conn.type() is the Uml::Class of
the object (which corresponds to the GME kind), and
conn.type().association() is the Association.




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Using UDM, I can query for "Connection" objects and get the pair of
objects at either end from that "Connection" object using a provided
API. However, I have not found a simple approach to finding the
"AssociationRole" object that connects all three objects. I have figured
out a way to get the role by enumerating and comparing ids but is there
a better or preferred way?





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