[gme-users] another question on building using the DomDataNetwork

Ray, Sumit (US SSA) sumit.ray at baesystems.com
Fri Feb 22 20:44:42 CST 2013


Issues trying to create a diagram using the DomDataNetwork.

UdmDom.cpp : Line # 4028 ("string rootname = rootclass.name();") generates the exception: "Object handle is null" when attempting to create a new diagram.

The file existence and is readable is checked prior to calling the function.  Here's the code:
int udm_main(int argc, char** argv)
    Udm::SmartDataNetwork nw(Uml::diagram);

   bool xsd_exists = fileExists( "test1.xsd" );
   bool xml_exists_y = fileExists( "test1.xml" );
   bool xml_exists_n = fileExists( "test.xml" );

   nw.CreateNew("test.xml", "test1.xsd", test1::RootFolder::meta);

What could be the possible source of these existence errors.


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