[gme-users] Constraint definition problem to check position

Deniz Çetinkaya dcetinkaya at thk.edu.tr
Thu Aug 28 04:39:48 CDT 2014

Dear All,

For a  GME metamodel, I would like to reach the position of a model or an atom and check it in OCL. Is there a way to do this?
In other words, how can we reach to the regnodes in a model?

This is what I see in XME file:
<model id="id-0065-00000003" kind="Parking" role="Parking" guid="{38124716-ca03-48d1-a7f2-e4dcd55c298b}" relid="0x2" childrelidcntr="0x0">
                     <regnode name="PartRegs" status="undefined">
                           <regnode name="Aspect" status="undefined">
                                <regnode name="Position" isopaque="yes">

This is what I try with OCL:
self.PartRegs.Aspect.Position = "20,20"

or something like this:
self.PartRegs.Aspect.Position.getX() = 20

Thank you very much.

Asst.Prof.Dr. Deniz Çetinkaya

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department

Faculty of Engineering

University of Turkish Aeronautical Association

Email: dcetinkaya at thk.edu.tr<mailto:dcetinkaya at thk.edu.tr>
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