[gme-users] icon images and instance images

Kevin Smyth ksmyth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Dec 18 08:11:58 CST 2014

Right, the "Instance icon name" attribute refers to archetype/instance/subtype instances.

To get the behavior you want, you could write a decorator. But I think it would be easier to write an addon, and set the "icon" registry on the creation event.

You can try this code:
STDMETHODIMP RawComponent::ObjectEvent(IMgaObject * obj, unsigned long eventmask, VARIANT v) {
	if((eventmask & OBJEVENT_CREATED) && !(eventmask & OBJEVENT_DESTROYED)) {
		if (obj->ObjType != OBJTYPE_FOLDER) {
			IMgaFCOPtr fco = obj;
			if (fco) {
				auto regnode = fco->RegistryNode[L"icon"];
				long status;
					fco->SetRegistryValueDisp(L"icon", L"component.png");

	return S_OK;


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Hello everyone again,

I would like to make it clear that the instances I mean are not the instances in GME.


Please see the image below.


Thank you very much.



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Dear All,


I am trying to define separate images for icons on the menu, and the instances in the model.

I write the icon's address to "icon name", and instance image's address to "instance icon name". As below:


I cannot find what is wrong. It uses the icon image for instances as well. Should I define a Decorator? Or missing sth?


Thank you very much.


Asst.Prof.Dr. Deniz Çetinkaya

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