[gme-users] Interpreter (Add-On) problem setting registry value

Florian Kraus florian.kraus at ils.uni-stuttgart.de
Fri Jan 23 06:32:35 CST 2015

Hello everyone,


We have an issue with GME-Interpreter working as Add-On.


What we want to do:

Set an Objects Registry-Value “nameColor” according to this Objects
Attribute named “Color”.



It works fine for the FIRST time, but when we change the Attribute a second
time, nothing happens (the Interpreter doesn’t start at all).

After restarting GME it works, but again just for one time.


You’ll find our Interpreter-Code attached.



If we comment the lines where Registry is set, the Interpreter works even
several times (but nothing happens in the model for sure).

otherFCO->getRegistry()->setValueByPath("/nameColor" , "0xff0000");



Any idea?

Thanks in advance.






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// ====================================================

// If the component is an Add-On, then this method is called for every
Object Event


void Component::objectEventPerformed( Object& object, unsigned long event,


       // ======================

       // Insert application specific code here

             std::string MetaName;

             std::string InterfaceColor;

             char anyChar[65];

       _itoa(event, anyChar, 16);


       using namespace GMEConsole;

       Console::Out::WriteLine(CString("Interpreter startet") + CString(" -
event:") + CString(anyChar));


       if(event == 0x00000001){ 

             ObjectStatus Status;

             Status = object->getStatus();

             if (Status == OST_Deleted){

                    goto cancel;



                    if (event == MON::OET_AttributeChanged){

                           MetaName = object->getObjectMeta().name();


                           if (MetaName == "MyAtom" ) {

                                  BON::FCO otherFCO(object);

                                  InterfaceColor =

                                  if (InterfaceColor == "RED") {

otherFCO->getRegistry()->setValueByPath("/nameColor" , "0xff0000");


                                  if (InterfaceColor == "YELLOW") {

otherFCO->getRegistry()->setValueByPath("/nameColor" , "0xffff00");


                                  if (InterfaceColor == "BLUE") {

otherFCO->getRegistry()->setValueByPath("/nameColor" , "0x0000ff");







Console::Out::WriteLine(CString("Interpreter stopped"));











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