[great-users] Patterncardinality on connections

Gabriele Trombetti gabtromb at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Tue May 4 12:41:33 CDT 2004

Gabor Madl wrote:

>I found another problem in GReAT. I want to find patterns in which two
>models are not connected by a given connection. However, GReAT does not
>check when I set the patterncardinalty to 0 corresponding to the
>association class. Also, if the configuration fails and I click on
>cancel instead of closing the cmd window GME crashes. This is really

Here is my 2cents from the PROLOG world:
Make a Test block, and in the first Case you match the connection with 
at least 1. That case should do no action and have a Cut.
In the second Case, perform your action. The second Case will be 
executed only if the first fails.
Would that work?

Now I have a question: what is the purpose of the pattern cardinality on 
newly created associations?
I suppose that if I'm creating a new association, the cardinality will 
always be 1 on the side of the new object (...how could it be 
different?), and 1..* on the side of the old object to which I'm 
attaching the new, right? I can't understand what would change if I put 
whatever thing different from "1 and 1..*" in the new association


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