[great-users] Exception: Metalocator could not be resolved

Gabriele Trombetti gabtromb at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon May 10 18:42:14 CDT 2004

I have a GReAT transformation from a MetaGME metamodel called PICML to 
an xml file defined by an UML model called cadena_scenario (interpreted 
by UMT and then udm.exe). It currently works and gives no error.

BUT, if I try to change the source or the destination file for the 
transformation into the GR-engine dialog, even if I select a new file 
which is identical to the one currently used (and even if I re-select 
the SAME file...), then it gives me this error:

<< Exception: Metalocator could not be resolved: cadena_scenario. Make 
sure that it's a valid FILE either in the current directory, or in PATH, 
or it's a valid URI, and it identifies a valid DTD. >>

Anyone knows what can be the reason?

I do have a file called cadena_scenario.xsd and its relative path is 
written into the FileType->DTDPathname

In facts in the past the cadena_scenario was called cadena-scenario, but 
it has been a while now that I'm using the new name. I have tried to 
re-UMT-interpret the cadena_scenario model and then re-run udm.... the 
problem stays.

Thanks in advance

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