[great-users] Suggestions for new GReAT features

Aditya Agrawal Aditya at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Thu May 27 11:17:41 CDT 2004

> First of all I have to say that this GReAT is REALLY EXCELLENT!! An
> incredible time saver.

[Adi] Thanks.

> Here is what I would suggest as new features, after some use of GReAT:
> ---- Feature to let the user enter additional include files for a
> project, and additional .cpp files to be compiled and linked to the
> or exe (the user would write those .h and .cpp files somewhere, for
> example in the MetaInformation of the Configuration)

[Adi] This is a very good idea and it is in the works. We are trying to
come up with a way to allow users to specify additional headers,
libraries and dll that he/she wants linked. We will also support the
custom API instead of the generic API you are currently forced to use. 

You can expect these in either the next release or the release after


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