[great-users] Exception before compiling AttributeMappings

Aditya Agrawal aagrawa at us.ibm.com
Thu Nov 11 18:05:01 CST 2004

Dear Gabriele,

This error message appears when your GME metamodel and the corresponding 
UDM class diagram are not in sync. you should run the MetaGME2Uml or 
MetaGME2UMT interpreter on your metamodel and then run the MetaGME 
interpreter on the metamodel causing the problem. 

This should solve the problem.


Aditya Agrawal
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great-users-bounces at list.isis.vanderbilt.edu wrote on 11/11/2004 06:00:14 

> Hi all,
> we moved to the newest GReAT (and GME, UDM accordingly). My 
> transformations were working before, but after the upgrade (& import 
> from xme) they stop immediately in the GR-Engine, that is BEFORE 
> invoking Visual Studio 6 to compile the C++ code which I wrote in the 
> Attribute Mappings. (GReAT Master Interpreter seems to work correctly.)
> The error message is:
> Exception: cannot resolve association noname_Workspace_to_Project
> (that string does not appear anywhere in my transformation or in the 
> metas. It must be an internal GReAT string)
> Does it ring any bell to you?
> I tried to simplify my transformation by removing the crosslinks and all 

> the rules except one & not doing any particular action in that one (just 

> matching 1 element) but the error persists. The example transformations 
> (house2order etc) work correctly. Do you have an idea?
> Thanks
> Gabriele
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