[great-users] Reading out the GUID of a given object for transformation running in memory

Mansk, Robert robert.mansk at ils.uni-stuttgart.de
Mon Dec 19 09:46:18 CST 2016

Hey everybody,


I’m referring to the thread in the GReAT archive of August 21st, 2014.

There, code was provided which allows to read out the GUID of a given object.


I would like to know, if it’s possible to read out the GUID when running a transformation in memory?

Using the given code, the line


        pUnk.Attach(UdmGme::Udm2Gme(PurchaseOrder)); // caveat: Udm2GME returns NULL if PurchaseOrder is a Udm XML object


returns NULL when running a transformation in memory. Therefore




leads to an error in the header file ‘atlcomcli.h‘ at line 182, which causes a crash of the execution file.

In the following link I provided a small example based on the given house2order transformation.


 https://dav.bastie.org/index.php/s/aJ5EXJYPBrCSVNf   (pw: iQ8&%fXs2)


Within the rule ‘AddToOrder’ I implemented the code to get the GUID of the object ‘Room1’.

When running the transformation in memory (value is set to true for input and output file within the configuration aspect of the transformation)

the compiled code crashes. This only happens when the file I’m reading from (House Model in this case) is run in memory. I suppose the problem lies with ‘Room1’

being an Udm XML Object (or something similar), as stated in the comment above.


As I am currently executing some very large transformations where it is necessary to read out the GUID, it would be great if there would be possibility to run them in memory

and save some time. Thank you in advance for your help.


Best regards,


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